The scene takes place this morning, the 29th marth, in a small village in Bavaria. The place is idyllic.

The priest is not from the Saint Pius X fraternity. He is a sedavacantist and refuses to leave the altar.

Mass has started a good half hour ago. When at the end of the chapel, a deep voice asks to stop the mass. He’s a police officer entered like a saloon. Even a Muslim would never have allowed himself such an attitude. The prayers are imperturbable. The priest interrupts. We are before the Elevation. He turns to the policeman and tells him that he is in a private chapel and that there is no law prohibiting him from celebrating mass. The policeman will go out, without genuflecting, I was told. He will wait outside.

Mass ends. We recite the prayer of Saint Michael the Archangel, as if it was our last breath. Outside, the police, who were not afraid to come in group, asked for our papers. The priest explains that the stores are full.  He is very brave. Normal, he is sedevacantist and all his life he never folded. Questioned by the number of police officers, the priest said to them: “You are more numerous than the prayers. Do your job, go and arrest the criminals. You are not ashamed to come and find decent people. Are you good at listening to Merkel’s orders? ”

Today, we individually risk up to a € 25,000 fine or 2 years imprisonment.

Laurent Glauzy

french Author