Russia prepares to invade Europe (Laurent Glauzy – FRENCH AUTHor)

Dr Philippe de Chazournes, a member of the independent scientific council, has just reported that no laboratory has renewed its application for marketing authorisation for vaccines which was due six months ago.

This scoop heralds another catastrophic truth. We assume that the vaccination programme will come to a halt because by October, many of the vaccinated will have died and the purpose of the vaccine will be discovered. The 5G and its pulsed waves installed in secret during the containment periods will have fatally activated the vaccine graphene. As a result, there will be no need to vaccinate.

If even 10% of the population disappears, a wave of famine will follow, as the economy will be in a state of chaos. And this will be even more pronounced if this figure rises to 40% of the population. The dead cannot even be buried. This will be the scenario of the 1973 film “Solyvent Green”, set in 2022. The economy no longer exists, everything is destroyed. We are witnessing an apocalyptic world. Karl Schwab had planned to carry out the “Great Reset” by cutting off electricity to force companies to come to a complete standstill.

Critique : Soleil vert, de Richard Fleischer - Critikat
Scene from “Solyvent Green”: as today in the coronavirus lie, representation of a police society.

But there is another reality. If tomorrow Western Europe suddenly loses 10% or half of its population, everything will be transformed into a field of ruins, which, like a game of dominoes, will impact all the nations of the world, including those that have used other vaccines, such as Russia, certainly to save its population.

So, to save its population from this domino logic, Russia will have to intervene on the Western European field. Putin’s invective towards Western heads of state, calling them “satanists”, the call to the Russian population to prepare for war, to name but a few examples, are therefore no accident. It is therefore quite possible that the Kremlin has foreseen this scenario and is preparing an intervention.

Des enfants reçoivent leurs cartes de membres du camp Komsomol le 19 mai 1968. L'Union soviétique aurait utilisé ce camp pour mener des expériences de pédophilie.(RIA NOVOSTI ARCHIVES)
Children receiving their Komsomol camp membership cards on 19 May 1968. The Soviet Union used the camp to conduct paedophile experiments. (RIA NOVOSTI ARCHIVES)

Let us add that Putin’s criticisms are not without salt, because already in the 1960s, during the Soviet Union, the “pedophile” tendencies of Western politicians were known and they knew how to act in this way to attract certain favors and to blackmail them.

But it is also very disturbing to note that many prophecies point in this direction. I will take three of the main ones:
Marie Julie Jahenny, who died in 1941, who also correctly predicted that the world will see a new blasphemous mass, states that Russia will invade Europe with unknown weapons. It should be remembered that Russia has already demonstrated a completely unknown advanced technology in the Syrian theater.

Don Bosco (1815-1888), whose body is completely intact, states that Russia will convert when it invades Europe.
In Germany in the 1950s, Alois Irlmayer, famous for the accuracy of his prophecies, announced that politicians would be lynched, that Russia would invade Europe to save it, and that a great period of famine would hit Germany.

In addition, an explanation related to the Antichrist is added to this very dark picture. The Lubavitchers and the Rothschilds are fighting to the death, because each wants the Antichrist to be of their lineage. Now, the greatest Italian Freemason, Gioele Magaldi, who was to be appointed Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy in 2014, says that the super-lodges (36 in the world), so powerful that even Berlusconi was refused entry, are divided into two opposing factions. And that when these two parties are united, the Antichrist will be able to reign. Clearly, this division at the top of Satan’s pyramid has saved the world. Now the Alliance camp of Trump and Putin is fighting the Rothschild clan and is supported by the Lubavitcher.

Consequently, our world is very close to the prophecies of famine, the invasion of Europe by Russia and a Third World War that will result in the loss of at least a third of the world’s population. Syringes have indeed replaced the most destructive weapons in this advance towards the Apocalypse.
We note that since 2020, Russian troops are in Italy…


Giants and Atlantis: Revelations of Forbidden Archaeology : Glauzy,  Laurent, de Ruiter, Robin: Livres



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