« Islamophobie, Islamophobie »… Qu’en est-il de la judéophobie ?demande Jean-Luc Mélenchon à Patrick Cohen. Vidéos.

Remise des Pendules à l’Heure par Henry De Lesquen.

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  • If the jewish press today believes that it can make veiled threats against the National Socialist movement, and if they believe that they can get around our defensive measures, they should be careful …
    One day our patience will run out and the Jews insolent lying mouths shall be shut for them!
    And if other jewish newspapers are of the opinion that they can now, with flags flying, swing over to our side, then we can only give them the answer: « Please don’t go through any costly expenses! »
    As for the rest, our SA men and party comrades can be calm.
    The hour for the end of the red terror will come sooner than we all think.
    It won’t be possible anymore for the Bolshevik press to lie and invert the truth,
    when the Red Flag in typical jewish insolence, dares to assert that our comrade Maikowski and the policeman Zauritz were shot by our own comrades !?!
    So I say, this jewish insolence has lived longer than it will in the future.
    And soon we will teach the gentlemen of the Karl Liebknecht House a thing or 2 they have never been taught before!

    Dr. Joseph Goebbels, February 10th, 1933

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