Morocco earthquake: strange balls of light seen in the sky.

The Moroccan newspaper “Bladi” reports on its website that a fireball flew over the Moroccan sky on Sunday 20 August 2023 at a breathtaking speed of 60,000 km per hour, according to the Astronomical Institute of Andalusia. This information was picked up by the famous French-language magazine “Science & Vie” and even by Maroc Diplomatie, to name but a few publications. All the major newspapers reported on this strange event.

While several newspapers “assumed” that it could have been an asteroid, certainly to allay suspicions that would have fuelled rumours about the Haarp project, this pseudo-hypothesis of a never-before-seen fireball was repeated (on principle) just a few minutes before the earthquake, the biggest in Morocco’s history. Strangely enough, this event is no longer reported as extensively by the mainstream press.

On its website, Sud-Ouest headlines: “Morocco earthquake: Like a ball of fire that engulfed everything, an Atlas village mourns its dead”.

On its website, the MetroTime newspaper states:

“What are these strange lights seen in the sky just before the earthquake in Morocco? Just before the deadly earthquake that shook Morocco, mysterious white balls were filmed in the sky. Where did they come from? We tell you all about it. A video viewed more than 1 million times (on X, formerly Twitter) shows strange white balls in the Moroccan sky.”

Next, the publication tries to come up with a few completely “uncertain” explanations (as it admits), because it has to move quickly to prevent “conspiracy” theories from taking hold: it has to occupy the field. To do this, after launching the Chinese balloons hypothesis, MetroTime quoted Le Figaro, which set the tone, in other words the “copy to be taken up” for the entire press:

“The origin of the earthquake lights is still the subject of debate among scientists. The most likely hypothesis is that they are caused by the sudden release of electrical charges caused by crystalline rock shifts that rise to the surface and ionise the surrounding air”.

And MetroTime goes on with its highly dubious explanations, because, let’s repeat it, we need to act quickly and pull the rug out from under the conspiracy theorists:

“If this phenomenon has already been observed, it is sufficiently rare that scientists cannot always agree on the origin of these seismic lights”, reported the American media outlet “The Hill” in 2021. Let’s hope that these seismic lights filmed in Morocco can help scientists to better study and understand this strange and little-known phenomenon!
It’s worth pointing out that MetroTime, although not a quality newspaper like the rest of the Masonic press, is a newspaper with a large circulation on the Belgian web, a country where there are more than half a million Moroccans: people of Moroccan origin are the most numerous of those of North African origin.

In short, we understand that what happened in Morocco points to much more plausible interpretations of secret weaponry and Haarp, which Zbigniew Brzezinski, a member of several super-loges (cf. Laurent Glauzy, Super-loges) and US Security Advisor from 1977 to 1981, was already talking about in his book “Between two Ages” in 1971. The events in Morocco (the biggest earthquake in its history) are also reminiscent of the catastrophe that shook Turkey, where just before the earthquake (also one of the strongest in Turkey’s history), powerful lightning bolts were seen and filmed.

On our website, we put forward the hypothesis that the Masonic and Illuminati elite had blown up its tunnels in an attempt to erase the traces of the paedo-satanist trade, which was far more lucrative than the drugs, arms and oil trades. It should be remembered that Turkey was already the target in the 1990s and 2000s of the paedocriminal Joris Demminck, Secretary General of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, adviser to the Queen of the Netherlands and lover of her husband (see Laurent Glauzy, Pédosatanisme et franc-maçonnerie).

It is therefore very strange to note that events that are also ‘without explanation’ are affecting Morocco, another El Dorado of paedosatanism, at a time when there is increasing talk of the Adrenachrome, a ‘rumour’ that is no stranger to the ‘Palmade story’ involving the corrupt of this world. And why, in the context of the disaster in Morocco, is the press, which never mentions Brzezinski, quoting “the conspiracy theorists” in order to ridicule them? What is there to hide?
Finally, at the time of the earthquakes, the King of Morocco, Mohammed 6, was in Paris for medical treatment.


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