Lies of the Russian Invasion Against the Ukrainian Khazar State (Video Laurent Glauzy)


Lies about the Russian invasion against the Ukrainian Khazar state.

The news is now overshadowed by the false rumours of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Why is the press bringing this strategy of lies into play? What are the real geopolitical and political reasons for it?

Ukraine and Russia have 44 millions and 144 millions inhabitants respectively. Ukraine is one of the 15 former republics of the former USSR.

To argue an alleged Russian attack, the press portrays events that have nothing to do with current events. For example, in April 2021, the Russian army massed 20 to 30 units a few 20 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. In this context, the media never mention the Kremlin’s probable reason for wanting to protect its borders as well. This hypothesis could be put forward, even if it seems unlikely.

The lie or disinformation about the invasion of the Russian army is based on two official and “high-ranking” sources.

Ukrainian President Volodymur Zelensky explicitly denied that Russia had invaded Ukraine. He called for “calm in the media”, a polite formulation for the lies of the press.

The IFRI (French Institute of International Relations) also refutes media reports of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, stating that it is rather a bargaining chip by the West to get written assurances from Kiev, and certainly from a president beyond their control….

Ukraine is the Achilles heel of Russia, but also of the European Union. In 2004, the “Orange Revolution” represented Ukraine’s rapprochement with the European Union, as evidenced by the position of Ukraine’s 3rd president, Viktor Yushchenko. Viktor Yushchenko was president from 2005 to 2010.

In this context, Western Europe did not miss the opportunity to accuse Moscow of having attempted to poison him. Only two days after his inauguration as the new president of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko appeared before the Council of Europe and declared that EU membership was his country’s main goal.

In 2014, there is a turnaround. The Maidan revolution erupted when Ukraine refused to join the European Union and instead made an agreement with Russia that led to the invasion of Crimea by Russian troops, which was 90% Russian-speaking.

It is also conceivable that the Deep state, the deep, Masonic or Satanic state, is trying to grab Ukraine. We are also in the center of the Khazar Empire, which reaches into Kazakhstan, which has fallen. The uprising in Kazakhstan began after a sudden rise in fuel prices. The protests started in the oil city of Janaozen, but quickly spread to other cities. These protests turned into riots on the night of 4-5 January, prompting Kazakhstan’s president to declare a state of emergency, first in Almaty and the Manguistau district, and later throughout the country. At the same time, the government submitted its resignation and the head of state took over the leadership of the National Security Council.

The Serb Marina Abramovich, a representative of the Satanic “art” with decapitated goat heads, and the Pedosatanist Epstein frequently visited Ukraine.

The Q literature says that Joe and his son Hunter Biden have a fiefdom there, which is the second longest tunnel system in Eastern Europe, through which they smuggle drugs, weapons, children, people and adrenochrome. This claim is logical: an April 2020 RT article mentions that Ukrainian police raided a private reproductive clinic that allegedly “sold” “babies” to China. While the suspects are accused of “human trafficking”, surrogacy is a legal grey area in Ukraine. The scandalous case was uncovered by the country’s Interior Ministry. The police broke up a “human trafficking ring” whose centre was a private reproductive clinic in Kiev.

We note that Ukraine, as part of the Khazar Empire, is very much at the center of Satanic news.

Moreover, the UK would not only arm Ukraine. London also plans to form a trilateral alliance with Ukraine and Poland to counter Russia. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss claims that Russia threatens freedom. This is a huge lie. Indeed, when we have this reading or reading grid of Satanism and the Khazar Empire, we understand such nervousness.

What must also worry the UK is the alliance of Moscow, Tehran and Beijing. Iran has 10% of the oil reserves. Iran is fourth in the world with around 200 billion barrels in 2020, and even third if you don’t include Canada’s reserves of unconventional oil.

For the same year, Russia is second only to the United States among natural gas producers worldwide (18% of world production), second among oil producers and first among natural gas exporters, with 22% of world net exports.

It can be observed that Brexit does not prevent London’s involvement in European affairs. In fact, London left the European Union to avoid being caught up in the economic decline of the European Union. This is how Gioele Magaldi, who was to become Grand Master of the Grand Order of Italy in 2014, puts it, namely as a string-puller of world politics. He added that the Brexit was only temporary and that Britain would re-enter Europe after the economic crisis. England, which was the first official stronghold of the Masonic Lodges in 1717 under Cromwell, wants to rule on a carpet of ashes after the expected and planned economic crisis in Europe.

In this game, Europe wants to win back Poland, which was the “51st state” of the USA and recently declared that national laws come before those of the European Union. It must be added that President Duda and Prime Minister Marowiecki have brought Warsaw to a conservative turn. They are positioning themselves against compensation for the descendants of Holocaust victims, against abortion and against the spread of 6G.

In hindsight, one can understand the emerging migrant crisis that took place in December 2021. Even then, it was about putting pressure on Warsaw to forcefully draw Poland into the fight against Moscow.

In Belarus, which is sandwiched between Poland and Russia. Lukashenko warned that his country would intervene with Russia in the event of a conflict. He is thus marking his intentions. It should be recalled that Belarus hosts military exercises with Russia, even though Minsk insists on its cultural and linguistic independence from Moscow.

Croatia has understood very well that behind the lying propaganda of the press lies an enterprise to destabilize the Balkans. Through its president Zoran Milanovic, Croatia warned that in the event of a conflict it would withdraw its NATO soldiers stationed in Eastern Europe.

Russia’s ultimate goal would be a federalized Ukraine. An invasion of Ukraine, on the other hand, would be to the West’s advantage. It would increase the number of troops in the Eastern European NATO countries, which would have a negative impact on Russia’s strategic position. But isn’t that also NATO’s goal: to encircle Russia and find a pretext. The lie of an invasion would therefore be opportune.

One can therefore assume that all the media hype could subsequently be used to surround Russia with NATO troops. In this context, there is no hesitation in comparing Putin with Catherine the Great, who died in 1796, more than two centuries earlier.

We can also argue that this media hype is used by the European Union and the Masonic world to try to get rid of the current Ukrainian president, who holds opposing positions to Viktor Yushchenko. To understand this argument, one must know that under President Zelensky, who has been in office since the 20th May 2019, his Interior Minister denounced human trafficking, for which Kiev was the hub. We see once again that Satanism, Europe, Freemasonry and human trafficking go very well together. To support this argument, we need to understand who Zelensky is.

From 2015, Zelensky starred in a humorous television program in which he played a high school teacher of integrity who unexpectedly rose to become the president of Ukraine. This role gave him a high profile in the country. Without any political experience, he is running in the 2019 presidential elections. In his campaign, he takes aim at the corruption of the elites and wins the second round of voting against the incumbent head of state Petro Poroshenko with 73.2% of the vote. In fact, it is said to be not just an invasion by Putin’s troops, but an attempt by the Deep State to take control of its Khazar empire, which has begun to crumble in Kazakhstan.

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