Kiev accused of trafficking in human organs taken from soldiers killed in a strange way!

Is the Kosovo scenario that Carla del Ponte exposed being repeated in Ukraine?

On 16 February 2023, the Russian media accused Ukraine of the most brutal crime against humanity, the dirty trade in human organs. The human organs are supposed to be taken from the bodies of young soldiers killed in a strange way and bearing no traces of war wounds in a hospital in the city of Mykolayiv! This Russian accusation against Kiev is strikingly reminiscent of an earlier statement by the prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal for Crimes in Yugoslavia, Carla del Ponte, in which she accused the Kosovo KLA army of deliberately abducting and murdering Serbs, in order to harvest their organs and smuggle them to rich recipients in NATO countries and Israel!

A media campaign was immediately launched by Brussels against this Russian accusation! The website, an agency of the Lodges, argued, quite misleadingly, that: the organs themselves remain fit for transplantation only for a very short period of time, and therefore this accusation is absurd because the organs cannot be transplanted in time! Given the seriousness of the Russian accusation, we will examine this claim in detail, as it is quite possible!

Last May, at a meeting of the Santa Marta Group at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at Pius IV Pentateuch in the Vatican, Cardinal Charles Maung Bo linked, among other things, the war in Ukraine to the emergence of a new form of “human cannibalism” which manifests itself in the dramatic increase of the dirty trade in human organs! Cardinal Bo also warned that the trade in human organs is becoming as widespread and profitable as the trade in illegal drugs, wild animals and weapons. The human organ trade is defined as a form of human trafficking!

According to a scientific study based on 2,153 kidney transplants in the Netherlands, it is necessary to keep the cold ischaemia time of the transplanted kidney below 22 hours for a probably successful kidney transplant. (Cold ischaemia of the kidney = the time between the removal of the kidney from the donor and the end of the transplantation) ) Beyond this time, the success rate of the operation collapses.

However, an ordinary car journey from Mykolaiv (Ukraine) to the nearest usable airport, Chisinau (Moldova) = 336 km/5 hours, 26 minutes. The journey of a government or mafia smuggling car will be about 4 hours! Flight time Chisinau – Tel Aviv (Israel) = 2 hours, 38 minutes! The average time to extract a kidney from a dead donor according to a scientific study is 44 minutes! The average time for a kidney transplant is 3 to 4 hours. Total = 12 hours 48 minutes! The time margin for an excellent success rate of the operation (16 hours of cold ischemia of the kidney) 3 hours 12 minutes! Time margin for a high success rate (22 hours of cold ischaemia of the kidney) 9 hours 12 minutes!

These are times that the Mafia and Mafia governments can largely handle! Especially since a Dutch study revealed that a kidney from a donor under the age of 60 can withstand cold ischemia times of over 19 hours much better than a kidney from an older donor! Young bodies are literally needed for this mafia operation! With good timing and several extraction teams, it is theoretically possible to transport dozens of kidneys per day in this way. All that is needed is to link the required values per kidney of the recipient to the kidney ‘donors’!

In 2021, it was revealed that the Bulgarian government was organising illegal organ transactions and transplants for super rich “uncles” from Oman, Israel and Japan! The uncles used false identities for the transplants! 14 kidneys were transplanted and forcibly removed from Ukrainians (Mykolayiv!) and Moldovans (Chisinau)!

On 3 February 2022, it was reported that the so-called Knacki Bill, proposed by members of the US Democratic Party, is being drafted in the USA! It will allow prisoners to have their human organs harvested in exchange for a reduction in their sentence! Prisoners will have to “voluntarily consent”, and once an organ (usually a kidney) has been removed, their sentence will be reduced by up to 365 days! According to the authors of the bill, this will help meet the current US demand for human organs, as there are 100,000 unmet waiting lists in the US! Human rights activists have strongly opposed this pending legislation, as they all know the pressure that will be put on potential prison donors in the US!

The investigation into the accusations of murder of Serbs for human organs by the NATO-allied Kosovar mafia, initiated by Carla del Ponte, has stalled! Therefore, the Russian accusations must be immediately and thoroughly investigated so that evidence is not lost again, and witnesses do not disappear, as in the Serb murder investigation! But this will not happen! Instead of investigating, Brussels prefers to pay so-called truth checkers, and they will proclaim all over the media that the removal of organs from the strangely deceased young soldiers in Ukraine, and the transport of the removed organs for transplantation in the West, is temporarily unfeasible, when it is not the case! Although even Cardinal Bo has confirmed that human organs are already being trafficked into Ukraine because of the war!

While the Russian allegations are weakly substantiated, there is circumstantial evidence that organ harvesting and trafficking may be taking place in Ukraine. Therefore, the whole matter should be thoroughly investigated!

Short text of the Russian accusation published by the Russian media:

The organs of Ukrainian soldiers are taken from the morgue of Nikolayev City Hospital No. 1, with the dead showing no signs of injury, a local resistance activist told RIA Novosti. According to the activist, the soldiers mobilised in Nikolayev do not appear in any register or list of the Ukrainian authorities. The activist told Russian journalists that he has not been contacted since the end of last year because the SBU started conducting mass searches in Mylolaiiv (the Ukrainian name for the port of Nikolayev), to identify pro-Russian citizens. At the end of December, he also confirmed to Russian journalists that Kiev was using harsh methods to mobilise Nikolayev residents. As an example, he cited cases where people were called to work under invented pretexts, and received summonses to their place of work. At other times, SBU officers blocked the market to catch men. Security forces also shot at the legs of a conscript’s father because he was trying to save him from forced mobilisation.


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