Western families fleeing to Russia and Belarus to escape the LGBTQ dictatorship.

In Minsk, a group of foreigners has formed, Christian emigrants from the European Union. And in Russia, this colony is even bigger. These people who leave for Belarus and Russia, fleeing the anti-Christian and immoral policies of their governments, are no longer so rare…
One couple, for example, fled to Belarus from Switzerland because their only daughter, under the influence of government propaganda, “went crazy” at the age of 13, started thinking of herself as a boy, and wants a surgical “sex change”. And that, of course, means disability and a quick death. What’s more, if she doesn’t undergo such a procedure, she will lose her soul and her body by remaining in this “gender dimension”: she will have a “homosexual marriage” or something similar. They’ve fled to Minsk, they’re trying to isolate her from this demented brainwashing, they’ve put a local priest who speaks German in charge of her salvation. Unfortunately, they haven’t managed to de-zombify her yet…


This phenomenon has taken on enormous proportions in the West: in New York, for example, already 3% of teenagers aged 14-16 have ‘changed sex’, and over 25% doubt their sexual identity! In all, since 2000, the number of transgender people in the USA has increased 44-fold! And it continues to grow in geometric progression.

Some of our stupid journalists call the Christians who are leaving the EU and the USA in the name of their children’s future “sex refugees”, which seems witty to them. But I don’t see anything funny in that: the government over there is doing violence to children, imposing the ideology of sexual perversion on them as early as primary school, and sometimes even kindergarten. And now they’ve started preaching euthanasia to schoolchildren, even making them write essays in the form of letters to their mothers on the eve of their possible suicide. What’s more, in this same Germany, parents who do not let their children attend such classes risk imprisonment or being deprived of their parental rights. The Deep State has set itself the goal of sodomising society, and is sticking firmly to this line. For the moment, thank God, Russia is a long way from this, despite some bad trends.

Our official propaganda makes full use of the slogans of the fight against the imposition of homosexuality and Satanism, including at elections. This has provoked sarcasm and disapproval from liberals and, in part, patriots. I won’t debate the former, as they are actively engaged in imposing both on us. But when our left-wing patriots start saying that it doesn’t matter, that the main thing is the economy and social justice, that annoys me. No, the most important thing is our children’s future. And with such a government programme of perversion in schools and universities, as in the West and already in Ukraine, young people simply have no future, except perdition of soul and body. Biden boasted that he had spent 2.6 billion dollars of the budget on propaganda for “sexual diversity”, and the EU government and the oligarchs are still throwing a lot of these “iards” in there… And they are trying very actively to promote this in Russia, albeit with less success. What kind of economy and social justice will we have after this, and how will they still be useful to us? Yes, it annoys some people that such unsympathetic political forces say that this has become commonplace. But the truth does not cease to be the truth, if we talk about it often. In my opinion, let the truth be told by whomever you like, especially as they are doing something about it, albeit slowly and ineffectively. In our country, for example, we have banned “LGBT” propaganda and “sex change”.

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