Antarctica and Easter Island: two well-kept secrets. But why?

The Antarctic Circle is located at latitude 66°33’49” South.

We note that this position also repeats the two favourite numbers of Illuminati numerology, namely 11 and 13: 66 and 33 being multiples of 11 and 4 + 9 = 13.

We should also note that the earth’s axis of inclination 23.4, when subtracted from 90°, gives = 66.6°.


So we can see what the inventors of the ball earth lie were up to (see Laurent Glauzy, La numérologie secrète de la Synagogue de Satan).
Antarctica was designated as a protected area by the Antarctic Treaty signed in Washington on 1 December 1959 by 12 countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, South Africa, England and the United States. Subsequently, 52 countries, including Italy, joined the treaty.
“No act or activity undertaken during the period of validity of this Treaty may serve as a basis for asserting, supporting or contesting any claim to territorial sovereignty in Antarctica or for establishing any rights of sovereignty in that region.
The territories of this continent may only be used for peaceful purposes, protecting the local fauna and flora. There can be no military bases (so they say) and only scientific research (including military research, however) may be conducted there.
The treaty (which applies from the 60th parallel) prohibits the exploitation of natural resources and establishes rules for peaceful use by the signatory countries. All this to protect the environment and its inhabitants: penguins and seals.
Isn’t it a bit strange that this is the most protected place in the world?
Why can’t you fly over Antarctica in a plane or drone, or get there by boat? In the air, you are immediately blocked by military fighter planes and at sea by military frigates. The only organised excursions are to the Antarctic Peninsula, an outcrop that lies above the 60th parallel.
Finally, it’s interesting to see Russia and America as sworn enemies, except on the frozen continent where they get on famously! Could it be to protect the seals, walruses and penguins?
Why all these secrets? What is there on this continent that we shouldn’t know about? Perhaps a gateway to other lands?
Clearly we’re not being told everything, and not yet. We see how the Nazi farmer himself was very interested….
In December 1938, the motor ship Schwabenland, captained by German naval veteran Alfred Ritscher, left the port of Hamburg for Antarctica.
It appeared to be an ordinary scientific expedition commanded by Hitler, but the aim of the mission was to establish a base on the Antarctic continent in order to give the Third Reich the certainty of victory in the war that was to begin a few months later.
In January 1939, the ship reached an area already claimed by Norway as Dronning Maud Land.
Ritscher named this territory Neu-Schwabenland, New Swabia, in homage to the ship on which they had travelled (the MS Schwabenland), establishing a base there and exploring it from top to bottom. Nazi German flags were planted along the coast and swastikas inland.
War aside, why was Hitler so obsessed with dominating Antarctica? Why was this continent so important? Did he also have a grudge against the penguins?
On 19 March 1943, Allied forces reported suspicious movements in Antarctica, clandestine operations involving German intelligence, and a considerable movement of Nazi submarines southwards. In August 1946, a year after the end of the war, a massive force (4,700 soldiers, 33 aircraft and 13 ships) was moved from the United States to Antarctica. The official aim of the mission (Operation Highjump) was to prepare the armed forces for extreme climates. Yes, of course…
In fact, behind the Antarctic ice lies the foundation of the flat Earth. Antarctica is not a point covered in ice, but a wall of ice holding back the waters of the oceans. Just as the history of Easter Island is shrouded in a fog of mystery, because Easter Island is the only remnant of the pre-Flood world. That’s why the statues don’t face the coast, why they’re covered in sediment and why others are sunk to the bottom of the ocean (see Laurent Glauzy, le Mystère de l’île de Pâques).
And Easter Island, which is on the axis of the pyramids, like Antarctica, has a shared history with the construction of the pyramids…

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