In Antarctica, the Illuminati are studying the ice of the dome. This ice is reforming and is hundreds of degrees below 0.

AUTHOR : Chaux de Toureyre


A few weeks ago, the canal-telegram reported a video testimony from a former serviceman who worked at the Mac-Murdo base in Antarctica, on the Ross Sea, for 3 years from 1997 to 2000. The video references are

The presenter quoted in this video recounts how he was selected to be part of a scientific research team. He says that the main aim of the Mac-Murdo researchers was not to study the ice obtained by coring but another ice of a completely different nature: oxygen ice, which they call “sky ice” and which is blue-azure in colour.

This ice from the sky is obtained hundreds of kilometers from the Antarctic coast: it is the ice of the dome that the Illuminati want to pierce with their rockets, and which Elon Musk talks about for the initiated!

The author also recounts that the teams tried to break through this wall and managed to penetrate up to 16 kilometers, but to do so they first experimented with highly sophisticated drilling rigs in the Greenland ice. He recounts that while drilling the tunnel in Antarctica, THIS OXYGENIC ICE RECOMPOSED QUICKLY WITH A RISK OF EMPRISONING QUALIFIED PERSONNEL.
These fragments of ice from the sky would form the structure of the dome or firmament that covers our entire flat earth.
All the theories announcing the existence of unknown continents beyond the Antarctic wall, also known as the ice wall, would be put to shame.
That’s why the world’s major powers are keeping a military watch on the immense Antarctic circumference, which covers some 105,000 km at 60° south latitude, to absolutely prevent any private research that might undermine the interplanetary, interstellar and intergalactic illusions falsely maintained by the coalition of their space agencies, led by NASA (which in Hebrew means “to deceive”).
One really does get the impression that the quest for space exploration launched by the world’s states under the complete control of Freemasonry, requiring astronomical and extremely costly technological resources, is replacing the Christian doctrine of the salvation of souls and the attainment of paradise. This quest ostensibly seems to be a continuation of the project of the Giant-King Nimrod of Babel, who had the famous tower of the same name built to reach heaven. A similar approach can be found in the attempt by the former Soviets to drill the famous hole on the Kola-Samoyed peninsula near Zapoliarny in Russian Lapland between 1970 and 1986. The Russian, Finnish and Norwegian teams came across an unbreakable crust at a depth of 12 km, and after some very strange phenomena, they filled in the excavation out of fear.
Today, we find the site completely abandoned and in ruins, but also the construction site, which has remained intact as if the personnel working there had been forcibly evicted.

Here is the account of this video translated by Chaux de Toureyre :


I never really believed in Jesus or did anything for a church work, but I think I saw something.
I served in the army from 1997 to 2000, and was sent to the Mac-Murdo base in Antarctica. I was working as a helicopter mechanic as a team leader and there were shifts organised for guys who wanted to go up there and work on the helicopters.
When they asked for volunteers, a handful of us replied but only me and one other mate were selected. The application procedure involved several questionnaires that we had to fill in, and we had to go through a series of interviews one after the other. Most of them consisted of a host of questions about our interests and beliefs. Strange that they should ask us about our beliefs!
I was assigned to the team at the Mac-Murdo station research centre in August 1998.
When we weren’t busy de-icing or operating on the aircraft, we had time to get up close and observe the scientists at the research station.
The military unit attached to Mac-Murdo was small and we didn’t have our own independent facilities. We didn’t have a PX or a media centre. There were no chapels or chaplains. We didn’t have our own mailbox, we just had to share the same facilities with the scientists and researchers. So, over time, I became friends with some of them.
According to their reports, there were two different types of ice they were working on and studying. This is where it gets interesting. From one type of ice, which is the one we all usually encounter, they extracted samples from boreholes in the ground, just like normal ice. These were clear and sometimes white and would have melted in the liquid water if they had warmed up on contact with it.
The whole of Antarctica is covered in this type of ice. But it wasn’t this type of ice that they were looking for. The only time I saw them studying normal ice was when a team from National Geographic came to visit us. The rest of the time, which was almost all of the time, the scientists were busy studying something they called ‘sky ice’. This sample was totally different. We were never allowed into the laboratory areas of the station because they had to be super-clean, and they said it would spoil their work if too many people got inside the experiments. But one time, one of the researchers I was friends with showed me a piece of ‘sky ice’ that you couldn’t touch with your bare hands, because it was so cold and it wasn’t clear or white like normal ice. It was a blue-ish colour. That’s why they called it sky ice, because it was exactly the same colour as this one.

We had to wear thick, heavy outdoor gloves to handle it. The sample was so cold that it would have instantly frozen your skin if it had come into contact with it. I can’t remember the temperature he reported, but it was in the region of several hundred degrees below zero; much colder than the normal ice outside. He had to transport this sample in a metal bottle that looked like a thermos flask. He let me play with the piece I took out of the thermos for a while. It seemed lighter than a piece of ice of the same size. And because it wasn’t very heavy at all, it almost felt like you could throw it up in the air and float it right back down. But I didn’t try that. However, it was a bit flexible when I tried to bend it. It didn’t break like normal ice and even a small piece that you could see through, was a solid blue from the surface. And here’s the really intriguing bit: this piece didn’t melt in the water. When we put it in a warm indoor place that we had, it just started to shrink and get smaller and smaller, but my glove never got wet and there was no water on the floor.

He said that was the reason they had to study the phenomena just over there on their way to Antarctica. You couldn’t have brought ice from the sky back to America to study it, because it was absolutely impossible to keep it cold enough during the journey. Then they shared the verse from Ezekiel 1_26 here where it says:
“Above in the firmament, above their heads, there was as it were a throne having the appearance of a sapphire stone, and above this appearance of a throne there was as it were a man placed upon it”.

The ice in the sky would always have evaporated into thin air, and there would have been nothing left of it when you returned to America. He said that Russian scientists had discovered the same problem when they also tried to bring ice from the sky back to Russia. That’s why they all built research bases in Antarctica.

After handling the piece of ice from the sky for perhaps 15 minutes, it had practically faded in its entirety. All that remained was a tenuous fragment. And my gloves were dry the whole time.
I’ve never seen anything like it before or since. And it was unusual because I’ve always been interested in scientific things. I think it was even the reason why I was selected to go to Antarctica because a lot of the interviews were about the science I believed in and all the related subjects. So I really thought it was wonderful to see something I’d never heard of before.

Throughout my time at Mac Murdo, I would hear people talking about a ‘wall’ as if it was a special place. The entire Antarctic region is covered in ice. But it’s only normal for it to be normal clear or white ice. So I asked my friend where he got this very special ice from, and he replied that it came from the wall.

I can’t remember exactly how he described it, but apparently there’s a huge wall of ice in Antarctica. He said it was hundreds of kilometres inland from the coast. “I was never able to see it myself because I only had to leave and then return immediately to Mac-Murdo station,” he said. “I couldn’t get permission to go out on an expedition”.
This friend said it was the largest natural structure in the world.

Imagine that he said that in the 1960s, the US Army had a plan to drill a tunnel through the wall, but they didn’t have a drill capable of withstanding extremely cold temperatures. So together they had a test project in Greenland where they developed ice tunnels and intended to share and invent new drills that could operate at super-cold temperatures.
So this was at the time when they were going to found NASA and all the other things that were a bit strange like the Antarctic treaty, this time pretty close around the subject we’re interested in. Then he says, as if they’d done this huge project in Greenland just for practice, that it was to experiment with drilling inside the ice in the sky.

I’m no expert on the subject, but that’s all he told me? Then he went on to tell me that once they had understood how the new drilling machine worked, they took it to the ice wall or otherwise known as the Antarctic wall. He said that the machine bit down hard, forming a tunnel. I don’t remember exactly whether they managed to break through 8 or 16 kilometers inside the wall, but they never managed to get out and reach the other side of this ultra-glacial barrier wall.

So they still don’t know, even to this day, how thick the wall is and therefore I don’t remember this episode correctly. But my friend told me that at the beginning, the floor of the tunnel was made of very hard continuous rock, but after 1600 or 3200 metres in the ground, there was ice as if it was ice from the sky underneath and after a certain point or something (Ah well!, they would also have drilled deep ????_NDT). And apparently the wall slowly rebuilds itself after being excavated. After a year, the tunnel had shrunk like a self-healing wound and was beginning to close up. They then had to leave the drill inside the wall because the tunnel had become too narrow for it to get out. And after a few decades, the tunnel had completely disappeared as if the part of the wall had become solid again. He then said that scientists are trying to use technology to determine the thickness of the wall. He said something to do with putting earthquake sensors all along the wall and that somehow you could measure the signal from an earthquake to look at the thickness of the dome. But he kind of confused me on that. I hadn’t really thought about it after I left Mac-Murdo. It was really weird. I didn’t think it was a big deal at the time either, but a few weeks ago I saw a map of the Antarctic Wall (the Gleason Map), which was all flat and crazy looking. It showed that the wall went up all over the earth.
So, since then, I’ve been trying to find out more about the sky ice I saw and the wall I heard about. But I can’t find anything at all on the subject. So now I’m wondering, wondering and really thinking if there could be a link here, and that’s how I found this group that published this Russian article “Climate Prediction Relating to the Sea” devoting a chapter to the shape of the firmament, rings around the Sun and Moon, pseudo suns and pillars etc. So I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe, there is a link here.

So, I hope that perhaps some parts of my experience will help someone to understand something.
So, grateful to this person if they can tell the truth, we say that this is very interesting information, given what we know about our surroundings. We realise that knowledge of the firmament doesn’t just tell us about the composition of ice. It’s something special that might just be a phenomenon relating to the foundations of the Earth to distract you from going to investigate a more distant purpose, which is very complex and contains knowledge. That purpose includes foreknowledge of what humanity is going to try to do. Those little nuclear bombs they fired into the firmament were nothing compared to what that same firmament is. They can’t break it, although they’ve tried. They want to do it anyway but they can’t and this is just one of those stories that confirms a lot of what I had already assumed was happening. I’ve always said that if there are men out there, they’re probably experimenting with how to break through this wall of ice, and if they’re doing it, how come they haven’t done it already? That would answer the question for you because that wall closes as you go deeper into the excavation.

But that was in the 1960s. It doesn’t say anything about what they’re trying to keep secret now. I’m sure we’re dealing with the biggest job of the (politicians_NDT) whose mission is to stop us going to Antarctica. And if you do go, you can only go to certain places. It costs tens of thousands of dollars for a one-way ticket. Otherwise a lot of us would have already been there and tried to sneak in and investigate. This video only had 300 views. Then wonderful circumstances made people want to pass it on. The censorship board of our time is looking for a way to stop you discovering information like this, and I remember recording this video in the playlist devoted to the firmament.

So I just wasn’t sure if you’d heard of it and wanted to pass it on. The answers to some of the questions that most of you were asking about what’s going on there, if you’re like me, come under certain properties concerning the foundations of the firmament, if they’re even close to that. They could extend like that for many kilometers, who knows? One day we will discover the firmament itself. It will roll away like parchment. It was on the second day of creation that the Lord placed this expanse for signs and seasons and let us know (in the gospel_NDT) that he will return very soon. This is what we need to remember. These things we feel are just around the corner because of how they are unfolding in the world and what they are trying to prepare us for by fostering division. But they’re also preparing for a war and I’m going to talk to you about that in another video about what you need to plan for, so that you don’t fall into the disillusionment that’s coming.
See you soon, guys. I know this is a random video and I’m just trying to spread this topic everywhere and stop procrastinating. Share the information I have while we still can. I’ll see you guys very soon. Stay safe and be prepared.


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