B17: a cancer killer hidden from the public.

This article is an excerpt from NATUROPATHIE ET TRADITIONS (March 2015, n°102), published under the same title: “a cancer killer hidden from the public?”.

Vitamin B17, unobtainable in a lot of countries, is produced in Germany and praised by leading German oncologists such as Ali Zayen, Hartung,… They speak of a “natural chemotherapy”, as the cyanide produced only attacks the bad cells.

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Amygdalin (from the Greek amugdalé, almond) was discovered in bitter almonds in 1830 by two French chemists, Pierre-Jean Robiquet and Antoine-François Charlard. It is abundant in the seeds of stone fruits: apricots, plums, peaches and cherries. [This is the famous B-17].

Amygdalin was discovered in 1830 by the famous German chemist Justus von Liebig (1803-1873). Author of numerous scientific works, Liebig is considered the father of modern agriculture. No one knew the virtues of food plants better than he did. He was responsible for the Liebig brand, created in 1865 with his meat extract. This Am substance was registered in the Universal Pharmacopoeia in 1834 and has since then been studied, tested and used in cancer therapy, starting in 1845. It was recorded in 1907 in George Merck’s (the founder of the great American laboratory Merck and Co in 1891) pharmacological index and appeared in 1961 in Sun Chu lee and Yang Chu lee’s Korean and Chinese Plant Pharmacology, describing its specific use for ‘dissolving cancer’.

You may have heard of the Hunza people, who live in a long valley in northern Pakistan, and whose insolent health and astonishing longevity have intrigued the world, to the point that researchers around the world have carefully studied their lifestyle and diet to discover their ‘secret’.

There are actually several, but you should know that the substance Am (amygdalin) is an integral part of their daily diet. They do not get cancer, diabetes or heart disease. Their teeth do not fall out and their eyesight and hearing do not deteriorate with age. The Hunza have many centenarians, who retain a youthful appearance and remain very active almost to their last breath. Some reach between 120 and 140 years of age. On the other side of the world, in the United States, an Indian tribe living in the state of New Mexico has a reputation for having a virtually non-existent cancer rate.

La vitamina B17 è stata utilizzata per la prima volta nel trattamento del cancro in Russia nel 1845 e negli Stati Uniti negli anni ’20, sotto forma di compresse.

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