Greek mythology and the legends of the Andean Indians tell of the feats of giants possessing knowledge far in advance of present-day technology. The oral traditions of the inhabitants of Easter Island describe the builders of their moai statues as men of exceptional stature.

In this book, author Laurent Glauzy provides indisputable proof of the existence of an exceptionally tall race of men, measuring up to four metres in height.

Mentioned 17 times in the Bible and described by Saint Augustine in the 5th century, by the Jesuit father Athanasius Kircher in the 17th century, as well as by archaeologists and linguists of the Church, these ancestors of humanity originated from Atlantis, the mysterious kingdom engulfed by the sea in 1226 B.C.

Elsewhere, in the Critias, Plato states that the island, which was as large as a continent, was “not a fable, but a true story”. Although innumerable documents are dedicated to the topic by Fernand Crombette, an Egyptologist and specialist in ancient Coptic, as well as by the eminent geographer Étienne Félix Berlioux and, finally, by Pastor Jürgen Spanuth, the subject occupies a very minor position in scientific thought.

With the aid of a particularly extensive bibliography, the author shows why these realities, although known to an occult Masonic elite, remain concealed from the general public, who are left to find their conclusions in New Age concepts or deceptive theories such as Darwinism. Filled with rich and rare descriptions of little-known archaeological discoveries, this book confirms the inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures while attacking the lies of “prehistory” and the myths of the “cave men”. The book also demonstrates the high degree of civilization achieved by the giants and the Atlanteans of Antiquity.

The reader will be astonished as he discovers the secret universe of the tunnels of the Mayan era, the enigmatic pyramids of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Chinese plains of Qin Chuan.

The present work also unveils the incredible treasure of the missionary Father Carlos Crespi, who collected large numbers of gold plates over 2,000 years old, depicting miniature models of modern airplanes and other mysteries of forbidden archaeology.

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